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Celebrate International Unicorn Day on April 9: Books, Readings and More!

Artwork of Unicorns

Apr 08, 2020


April 9 is International Unicorn Day, and to celebrate, the Unicorn Coalition is presenting live streaming readings throughout the day! Eighteen authors will be featured including Brenda Li, Dana Simpson, Jessie Sima and more! You can view the full list here!


Looking for more fun? From theunicorn day activity kit, to how to throw a unicorn party the Coalition has you covered!


Always remember:  “Be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn, in that case, you should always be a unicorn.”  (Elle Lothlorien)



Blog post contributed by Charmaine Atrooshi from our Hazeldean branch. 

International Unicorn Day 2020by ha_childrens

April 9 is international unicorn day! Celebrate with us with some great unicorn reads #children's fiction #unicorns #international unicorn day