Small Business Week 2016

BDC Small Business Week™ Speaker Series 2016: October 17-20

This 9th annual series is held in collaboration with the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC).  Presentations by industry experts will take place daily and will be followed by questions from members of the audience.  Each session will take place in the auditorium of the Main branch, located at 120 Metcalfe. 

This year’s series includes three sessions in English and one in French.

The Business Mindset: Entrepreneur as Investor  

Presented by: Mischa Kaplan, Brightside Capital Management

Monday, October 17, 6:30-8:00 p.m.

The most successful entrepreneurs are those who understand how to see themselves as an investor in their business, and can make decisions based on this consideration.  The real reason you are in business is to make a profit.  Thinking like an investor means asking:  What return will you earn on your invested capital? How risky is your business venture? Will the expected return compensate for the risk?  In this seminar, learn how to step outside your own bubble and consider your business from all angles, and to make decisions based on this mindset.

Mischa Kaplan is Managing Partner of Brightside Capital Management, a boutique investment firm specializing in the natural foods industry.  Brightside owns and operates the award-winning Rainbow Foods stores in Ottawa's West End, as well as the Market Organics natural grocery store in the ByWard Market. Mischa is actively involved in the local small business community, including providing consulting services to Invest Ottawa.

Supercharge Your Marketing Strategy with Neuromarketing  

Presented by: Jennifer Arnold, Innovamap 

Tuesday, October 18, 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Neuromarketing can have an immediate impact on a marketing strategy.  Brain science takes ordinary marketing and makes it extraordinary.  Understanding the groups that make up your target audience is the foundation of engaging their brain and of successful marketing.  We will explore neuromarketing within the context of defining and engaging your target audience:  how to use visuals to capture and hold their attention, and emotions in your content to demonstrate how deeply you understand their needs and to build a lasting relationship based on more than a mere business transaction. 

Jennifer Arnold is a neuroscientist turned entrepreneur who is passionate about marketing. Jennifer has her Ph.D. Neuroscience. She has developed and implemented strategic marketing plans for the health community, scientific research and small to medium sized businesses.

Lean Food Startup: A Panel Discussion 

Panelists include: Normand Geoffroy, Byward and Parkdale Markets, Mario Burke, Capital Street Food Association, and the Incubator Kitchen

Wednesday, October 19, 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Food businesses are expensive to start and to run.  Often it is advisable to start small and check the market.  But even that involves many steps.  This panel gathers experts to provide advice and that hard-to-get information about starting and growing a food business. 

Comment financer vos projets d'affaires  

Presented by: Sylvain Rochon

Le jeudi 20 octobre, de 18h30 à 20h

La majorité des entreprises qui réussissent ont su trouver les moyens pour arriver à bon port avec la bonne idée, les bonnes ressources financières et de bons partenaires.  Parmi ces clés de succès, le plus grand défi pour tout entrepreneur, c’est trouver l’argent.  
Cette présentation vous indiquera quelles sources de financement sont à votre disposition à différentes étapes de l'évolution de votre compagnie, les avantages et désavantages de chacune et comment les accéder.

Scientifique, ingénieur, entrepreneur, conférencier et pédagogue, Sylvain Rochon se fait plaisir à aider les gens à créer un maximum de valeur pour eux-mêmes et la société tous les jours. Il œuvre depuis 2005 comme chef d’entreprise dans la haute technologie et comme membre de multiples conseils consultatifs à Ottawa qui ont pour but de connecter les compagnies en démarrage avec les ressources dont ils ont besoin pour réussir.


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