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Ādisōke Construction Progress

image of adisoke branch

Aug 22, 2022

Have a look at the significant construction work that has taken place on Ādisōke, home of our future central branch, throughout the spring and this summer. The work includes foundation installation, excavation, waterproofing and underground mechanical work. The first of two tower cranes were installed on site, with the second tower crane planned to be installed later this summer along with continuation of similar work that was completed in the spring

Despite recent provincial and local strikes, the project remains on schedule to open in 2026. Below are a few photos of the construction progress to date. 

Installation of the first tower crane

Installation of the first tower crane.

Waterproofing activities

Waterproofing activities.

     Excavation for stormwater tank.

Caisson drilling.


Curious what the Ādisōke project site looks like? Check out our recent video that shows the site from a bird’s eye view! 


Regular construction updates are now available on the project website, as well as our Ādisōke Twitter page. You can also receive these short updates directly to your email inbox. To register, please email with the subject line: “Construction update subscription.” 

Ādisōke Virtual Tour


Really love that it is accessible !

I like the design, central location and name for the main branch. But I especially like that it is accessible! Regarding new libraries in the suburbs, could this be near one of the new train stations to allow for pedestrian access? Perhaps at the Lietrim or Bowesville station? There is plenty of land there. There will likely be parking for the stations, integrated development with library will allow more equitable access to everyone including those who use private and public transit as well as those who are commuting that way from rural and urban areas.