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10 reasons to do yoga at home


While I do enjoy trying out yoga classes at different studios in the city, I actually prefer to practice yoga at home. Here are a few advantages to doing yoga chez soi :

1. You can schedule a time that is convenient for you, day or night.

2. You can wear whatever clothing you like.

3. You don't have to see yourself in a mirror.

4. If you fall down in the middle of a pose, nobody will know.

5. You can do it in silence.

6. You can do it while listening to your choice of music. New age music seems a more likely candidate than rock, but who am I to dictate?

7. You can do it while listening to an audiobook.

8. If you need some encouragement, there many DVDs that you can borrow. If you find that you don't like a particular instructor, you can just return the DVD - no feelings hurt, no money lost.  There are also a number of streaming videos that you can watch.

9. You can do it with your cat. Cats are natural yogis. My feline actually insists on joining me while I practice, usually right in the middle of my yoga mat.

10. Come up with your own reason! Any suggestions?


such good points - esp about the time and the music choice - whatever you want. my cat also joins me!