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7 Ways to Celebrate Poetry Month – Get Involved!

Apr 23, 2021

Poetry Month is a special occasion to celebrate the importance of poetry. Ottawa Public Library (OPL) invites you to join us in appreciating poetry, reading poetry, listening to poetry, writing poetry, and sharing poetry – all from the comfort of your home. In this time of uncertainty, we can rely on poetry to offer inspiration, wisdom, and language that prompts reflection. Here are our suggestions to help you celebrate Poetry Month:

  1. Mark your calendar for Thursday, April 29, and participate in Poem in Your Pocket Day. Choose a poem and read it to the people in your household or share a poem on social media using the hashtag #PocketPoem. Be sure to tag @opl_bpo on Twitter and Instagram!
  2. Attend a poetry event. On April 27, at 7 pm, join us for a conversation with prolific poet Seymour Mayne, as he discusses his latest collection of poetry Perfume: Poems and Word Sonnets. And on May 3, at 7 pm, join us for Rebel with a Rhyme, spoken word poet Britta B will be hosting a virtual poetry workshop.
  3. Read about the City of Ottawa’s next English Poet Laureate, Albert Dumont and check out one of his poetry collections Sitting by the Rapids or Aninâtigo-anîbîshan Kichi-Makwang. Also, meet Ottawa’s next Francophone Poet Laureate Gilles Latour and check out Gilles Latour’s poems: Mon univers est un lapsusMots qu’elle a faits terre, or À la merci de l’étoile
  4. Explore the lists of recommended poetry in the OPL collection and request your reservations online: poetry for teens, mois de la poésie, poem in your pocket, great poetry for adults  - with these recommendations, you can potentially start a virtual poetry reading group.
  5. Add a poem to your email signature or email a poem to your friends and family.
  6. How about writing some poetry about the most memorable moments in your life? If you’ve never written poetry before, search up poetics forms and writing prompts. And if you feel comfortable organize poetry reading, open mic or poetry slam events via an online platform.
  7. Begin your virtual meetings or classes by reading a few of your favorite lines of poetry.

BONUS: Feel free to explore OPL’s physical and digital collections for poetry. OPL has many online ways you can read and listen to poetry online, including eBooks, streaming video performances, and downloadable audiobooks. Click here to see a list of more than 500 options!

A Poem in Your Pocket
by Collection_Development

April is Poetry Month. Celebrate with a rhyme or two.

Le Mois de la poésie
by OPL_BPO_Zoe

Poetry for Teens
by Collection_Development

Great Poetry for Adults
by Collection_Development

A selection of recent Canadian and international poetry.