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Activities with the letter G

Wed, Apr 15, 2020

Activities with the Letter G

Hi, everyone! Here are some fun low-tech activities for your family to try together at home. Perhaps you can include this list of activities in your morning routine, or in your afternoon routine following nap time. Please note that we are compiling family literacy ideas for each letter of the alphabet -meaning that you'll have 26 days worth of songs, yoga postures, tongue twisters and more to have fun with! Enjoy :)

Gratitude Acrostic Poetry

What are you grateful for?

Make a list of all the things for which you are grateful.

If you are stuck, use the letters in your name. Here is an example :


N – nutritious food and the people who are working hard to provide it to us

A – animals

M – my bed

E – essential workers


Garden Yoga

On your back, bring your knees into your chest and squeeze into a little ball, like a tiny seed

Plant seeds : squat and plant your garden

Water the garden : use your arms like an elephant truck or a water hose

Grow : reach up high towards the sky, stretch up, up, up

Reach high : on your tippy toes or from your chair

Wind : as your garden grows, sway in the wind

Sun : lie down on your back and IMAGINE you can feel the sun shining down on you


Grand Old Duke of York

Sing this fun action song - and try the actions shown in this video!


Oh, the Grand old duke of York,

He had ten thousand men,

He marched them to the top of the hill

And he marched them down again


And when they were up, they were up

And when they were down, they were down

And when they were only half way up, they were neither up nor down!


Tongue Twister

Three gray-green greedy geese,

Feeding on a weedy piece.

The piece was weedy,

And the geese were greedy.

Three gray-green greedy geese


The Goodbye Song

Sing along with this video- or make up your own goodbye rhymes!

Let's all say goodbye in a fun, silly way,

It's how we end our happy day!


Now stomp, stomp, stomp

And clap, clap, clap

Repeat after me in this goodbye rap :


See you later, alligator...Gotta truck, baby duck...

In a shake, rattlesnake...Out of here, reindeer...

Can't stay, blue jay...See you soon, raccoon...

Take care, polar bear...Be sweet, parakeet...

Bye bye, butterfly!


Let's all say goodbye in a fun, silly way,

It's how we end our happy day!


Blog post contributed by Kristina from the Alta Vista Branch and Sherri from the Rosemount Branch.


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