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Activities with the letter O

May 13, 2020

Activities with the Letter O

Hi, everyone! Here are some fun low-tech activities for your family to try together at home. Perhaps you can include this list of activities in your morning routine, or in your afternoon routine following nap time. Please note that we are compiling family literacy ideas for each letter of the alphabet -meaning that you'll have 26 days worth of songs, yoga postures, tongue twisters and more to have fun with! Enjoy :)


Over in the Meadow

This is a fun counting song. Different versions of this song exist and you can create your own… changing the order of the animals or even using different ones. People generally sing this song with ten verses (counting up to ten).

Over in the meadow, in the sand in the sun,Lived an old mother turtle and her little turtle one."Dig!" said the mother; "I dig!" said the one.So they jumped and they jumped, in the sand in the sun.

Over in the meadow, where the stream runs blue,Lived an old mother fish and her little fishes two."Swim!" said the mother; "We swim!" said the two.So they swam and they swam, where the stream runs blue.

Over in the meadow, in a nest in a tree,Lived an old mother robin and her little birdies three."Sing!" said the mother; "We sing!" said the three.So they sang and they sang, in their nest in the tree.

Over in the meadow, by the reeds on the shore,Lived an old mother muskrat and her little ratties four."Dive!" said the mother; "We dive!" said the four.So they dived and they splashed, by the reeds on the shore.

Over in the meadow, in a snug beehive,Lived a mother honey bee and her little honies five."Buzz!" said the mother; "We buzz!" said the five.So they buzzed and they buzzed, in their snug beehive.


Here is also a sign language version of the song.


Ocean Yoga

Relaxation Imagination.

* Click on the language option in the top left corner to see the equivalent French version

Lie flat on your back, sit in a chair or wherever you are most comfortable. Relax and close your eyes. Imagine you can feel the warm sun shining down on you and you can feel the ocean breeze. Imagine the ocean waves coming in and going out, splashing the sandy shore. Take your time. As you take a breath in, imagine the waves coming in, and as you breathe out, the waves go out. Take as much time as you want.

Here is a yoga website that shows you how to be different ocean creatures : a sea jelly, a shark, a seahorse, a crab and a sea turtle. Have fun!


Opposite Day” Game

A day where everything you say means the opposite.

Instead of saying “goodnight” on opposite day, instead, you say : “good morning.”

When you are happy, you say : “I am sad.”

After lunch, you say : “I am hungry” instead of “I am full”.

And when you want a hug, you say : “don’t hug me.”


What other sentences will you say on opposite day? Now it's your turn to come up with opposites!


Open and shut them

This is a fun rhyme to get moving & clapping, before transitioning over to a quieter activity.


Open and shut them ; Open and shut them ; Give a little clap! (clap clap clap)

Open and shut them ; Open and shut them ; Then put them in your lap.


Tongue Twister

“Oliver owns orange overalls.”

An orange oval spooks the odd operative.


Blog post contributed by Kristina from the Alta Vista Branch and Sherri from the Rosemount Branch.


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