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Activities with the letter Q

letter Q

Activities with the Letter Q

Hi, everyone! Here are some fun low-tech activities for your family to try together at home. Perhaps you can include this list of activities in your morning routine, or in your afternoon routine following nap time. Please note that we are compiling family literacy ideas for each letter of the alphabet -meaning that you'll have 26 days worth of songs, yoga postures, tongue twisters and more to have fun with! Enjoy :)


Game : Twenty Questions

You pick a person, place or thing. The other player asks 20 questions to guess what the word is. For example :

- are you human?

- are you female?

- are you an animal?

- are you an object?

- was I invented by a Canadian?

-can I be found here in Ottawa?


Your turn to play!


Quick Yoga Stretch

Stand up tall.

Reach your arms up to the sky, look up at your hands.

Fold forward and slowly bring your hands towards the floor.

Slide your hands up the front of your legs, place your hands on your knees.


Repeat...Stand up tall again,

Reach your arms up to the sky, look up at your hands.

Fold forward, hands toward the floor,

Slide your hands up the front of your legs, place your hands on your knees.


Repeat as often as you need.


Quiet Game

The goal of this game is to be quiet and not talk. It’s harder than you think. It can be played with just 1 person, or as a group.

The rule is that you can’t make noise or talk (sneezes don’t count).

So, ready, set...quiet!


For fun, you could also read Let's do nothing! - a picture book currently available electronically in our Tumblebook Library. It's the story of Franky and Sal who attempt to play the quiet game. Which of the two will make some noise first? Who will get attacked by pigeons within ten seconds?


Tongue Twister

Quick kiss, quicker kiss.”

Queen Quail is quiet.


Blog post contributed by Kristina from the Alta Vista Branch and Sherri from the Rosemount Branch.


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