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Activities with the letter S

Mon, Jun 01, 2020

Activities with the Letter S

Hi, everyone! Here are some fun low-tech activities for your family to try together at home. Perhaps you can include this list of activities in your morning routine, or in your afternoon routine following nap time. Please note that we are compiling family literacy ideas for each letter of the alphabet -meaning that you'll have 26 days worth of songs, yoga postures, tongue twisters and more to have fun with! Enjoy :)

Smile meditation

Sitting or standing. Close your eyes. Relax. Turn up the sides of your mouth into a smile. Think about all the things in the world that make you smile.

Click here for a more detailed “inner smile meditation” routine. Excerpt : Send a smiling love letter to your open heart. Thank it for giving you compassion, kindness, joy and good circulation.

Scavenger hunt : the alphabet

Here is another alphabet game, similar to the one you played for letter I (Travel Imagination).

Can you find items that start with all the letters of the alphabet?

You can try to find as many objects as you can, starting with one letter or all the letters of the alphabet.

Or, instead of finding the items, you can just try and think of them.

A – Apple, B Box, C Candle, D- Dog, E- Earphones... keep going!


Look around you : what shapes can you see?

See if you can find different shapes : circles, triangles, squares, rectangles.

Yoga – Sun Salutation

A Sun Salutation is a traditional yoga practice that is made up of 12 poses linked together.

1- Mountain pose : hands pressed together at your heart.

2- Extended mountain : bring your hands up and reach your hands over your head.

3- Standing forward bend : bring your hands to the floor or to your ankles. Tickle your toes!

4- Low lunge (first time) : step one leg back, keeping your front knee at 90 degrees.

5- Plank : bend both knees to become a table. Ground both hands, tuck your toes and lift your legs.

6- Lower to belly : drop your knees slowly, then your chest and chin, to the floor. Look ahead.

7- Cobra pose : slide your entire body onto the ground, and lift up your head, chest and abdomen.

8- Downward dog : from Cobra pose, return to Tabletop pose and lift your hips into an inverted 'V'.

9- Low lunge (second time) : step your right left forward and bend that knee.

10- Standing forward bend : bring your hands to the floor or to your ankles.

11- Extended mountain : bring your hands up and reach your hands over your head.

12- Mountain pose : return your hands to your sides or pressed together at your heart.


Have you read the Mary Poppins books or watched the movies? Then you would know that she sings about this fun 34-letter word : “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”! Here is the 1964 musical version of it.

It's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious. If you say it loud enough, you'll always sound precocious. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, um-dittle-ittl-um-dittle-I, um-dittle-ittl-um-dittle-I, um-dittle-ittl-um-dittle-I um-dittle-ittl-um-dittle-I !

Tongue Twister

Selfish shellfish.

She sells seashells by the seashore of Seychelles.

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Blog post contributed by Kristina from the Alta Vista Branch and Sherri from the Rosemount Branch.