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Albert Dumont: Ottawa's English Poet Laureate

Albert 'South Wind' Dumont in nature, leaning against a tree

Apr 23, 2021

What’s in a Poet Laureate’s name?





    Spiritual Advisor.

     Algonquin Traditional Teacher.

      Red Road Walker.







   Kitigan Zibi.


 South Wind.

Albert Dumont.

Meet Ottawa’s next English Poet Laureate: Albert “South Wind” Dumont. Hailing from traditional Algonquin Territory (Kitigan Zibi), this Anishinaabe poet is sure to kindle an invigorating connection between Ottawans and poetry. His deep respect for nature shines through in his work, his blog and his disposition. Though he vows to promote poetry to all during his 2-year term, he aims to introduce poetry to the younger generation along with encouraging and strengthening ties with young people who already demonstrate an interest in the art. Dumont, both candid and passionate in his writings and while speaking, leaves it all out on the table; there are no secrets about his past, and writing poetry has helped to heal old wounds and feed his soul. His eclectic array of experiences, including surviving a 43-foot fall, maintaining sobriety since 1988, founding Turtle Moons Contemplations, participating in OPL programming, and serving his community as an Elder with the Parole Board of Canada, compliment the decision to name him Poet Laureate. He brings a unique vision to poetry and hopes to inspire in others a similar yearning to use poetry as an avenue for healing, nourishment, and growth. Albert Dumont will have yet another incredible accomplishment to add to his ever-growing list of life experiences.

Check out one of his poetry collections Sitting by the Rapids or Aninâtigo-anîbîshan Kichi-Makwang, a tri-lingual children's seasonal folklore book.

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