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All in against bullying

Represent International day of pink

Apr 11, 2022

All in against bullying

We would love to think that in 2022 diversity, acceptance and inclusion are normal but unfortunately it is not the case. We can look at what is going on south of the border to see that even things we took for granted can be taken back. This is why it is more important than ever to show our colors, or OUR color on International Day of Pink, which happens on April 13 this year.

The goal of this day is to show our solidarity with the 2SLGBTQQIA+ community and to fight bullying in all its forms. We proudly wear pink to say out loud that equality, diversity, inclusiveness, solidarity, kindness, courage and acceptance are important to us. Bullying in school, at work, it’s not acceptable anywhere. We all have a say in making sure the 2SLGBTQQIA+ community feel included and safe. And it starts by educating ourselves. The OPL has a rich collection to learn more on the subject but also stories that are sure to touch you.

I’m pink on April 13!

Journée rose internationale
by OPL_BPO_Zoe

International Day of Pink
by Collection_Development

A selection of materials for all ages, from picture books to adult non-fiction, with anti-bullying, inclusivity and LGBTQIA themes.