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Another year curled up with a novel: My favourites of 2017


The list featured below highlights my favourite reads of the year, but there is so much more to say! First of all, a disclaimer: not everything in my list, or that I read, was necessarily published this year. For instance, I filled in a personal literary gap this year by reading A Jest of God by Margaret Laurence (absolutely perfect, and strangely timeless in essence). You can tell that my gaps have a certain ... gender preference...  if I add that I am also currently reading The Girls of Slender Means by Muriel Spark. It, too, is as crisp and delightful as the day it was published; Spark's insight is undiminished by the decades. A shout-out to the Rockcliffe Park Book Fair for having these great titles available!

I also read some fantastic non-fiction this year, but only three titles made my favourites list. There were a few other titles I wanted to highlight, because I enjoyed certain chapters or essays:

I also really enjoyed Quick: Aphorisms by St John's own poet laureate, George Murray, a title that OPL does not own. We do have Murray's previous book of aphorisms, though, Glimpse, as well as two volumes of his excellent poetry.

Lastly, I was fortunate to receive advance reading copies of several 2018 titles. One to watch for, if you enjoy small-town Canadian stories, is 1979 by Ray Robertson. Tom Buzby, a thirteen year-old living in Chatham, Ontario, narrates this sweetly nostalgic coming-of-age story about Tom's developing interest in girls, his understanding of his parent's divorce, and his discovery of various rock bands (you could make an amazing playlist from records mentioned in this novel). I also loved reading about the dynamic between Tom and his sister, Julie. What makes this story a true gem however, is how Tom’s narrative is interspersed with a glimpse into the very private lives of his neighbours, including the people whose papers he delivers, and those whose paths cross his for other reasons. 

May 2018 find us all curled up with another great read!

Favourite reads of 2017 by Alexandra_library

My favourites from the last year.