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AtoZ World Food


Calling all Ottawa foodies and cooks, we have a brand new food database for you!

 AtoZ World Food database is a great online resource for learning about food history and culture while discovering thousands of traditional recipes from 174 countries. Sign in with your library card and PIN, then use your email address to create an AtoZ World Food account and save your favourite recipes for later.


AtoZ World Food features:
• 6,500 + Recipes
• 750 + World Beer Reviews
• 13,000 + High Quality photos
• 500 + Ingredient Articles
• 850 + Future Culture Articles
• 6 Food Glossaries
• Personal Recipe Book


Great idea - but doesn't let me log in with my library card. When I sign in, it immediately prompts me to log in again so I can't access any of the parts of the database.

I found that if you log into the library website and then access the database it works.

How do we log in using the library card? It does not work. Please help us.

You might want to consider taking the blog post down until the database is working.