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Awesome Authors 2024 is back !

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Feb 09, 2024

Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating journey of imagination? 

Ottawa Public Library is calling all young writers to participate in the Awesome Authors Youth Writing Contest, a fantastic opportunity to showcase your storytelling prowess and join a community brimming with creativity and passion! 

Why Enter? 
  • Recognition: Get your work read and appreciated by a panel of esteemed judges. 

  • Community: Join a vibrant community of young authors, just like you. 

  • Growth: Receive valuable feedback that can help you hone your craft. 

What’s in it for You? 
  • Prizes: Stand a chance to win exciting awards. 

  • Publication Opportunities: Selected entries will be published in the Pot-Pourri anthology. 

  • Workshops: Participate in exclusive writing workshops.

Contest rules and regulations 

  • The contest starts January 9, 2024.  

  • Submissions will be accepted until February 23, 2024, 11:59 pm.  

  • Open to all youth residing in Ottawa, ages 9 to 18 (must not yet have completed high school) with a valid library card.  

  • Submission by outside residents with a non-resident card (family membership) will be accepted.  

  • There is a limit of one (1) entry per person, per category. The seven categories are: short story, poetry, comic, nouvelle, poésie, bande dessinée and book cover.  

  • Winners will be notified by email in April. Please use an email inbox that you are monitoring regularly. 

For more info, visit the Awesome Authors youth writing contest webpage.


Short story


Longer stories

Hi! When I first saw this, I was really exited! However, I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a category for longer stories. I know that it would take a long time for the judges to read everyone's stories if they were over 100 pages long (for example) but I'm having a little trouble writing my story when we're only allowed 1000 words. Does it have to be finished to submit it? Also, what exactly is a nouvelle? I know that it's an essay of some kind, but I don't have the specifics. Please reply!

Longer stories

Hey! I was having the same struggle of wanting a longer story category. I'm not for sure about this but, I would say they would rather a finished story. Especially for publishing, it would be less likely of getting chosen if it's unfinished. Also, a nouvelle is the french word for short stories! I hope I answered some of your questions!

I think a nouvelle is just

I think a nouvelle is just the french version of short story lol

Accidental submission

Submitted! I had to do it twice because I forgot to include the title of the story on every page in my first PDF, apologies!