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Back to school -- got your card?

By JaneMV


Its almost back to school time .. time to buy new shoes, stock up on school supplies, check out the bus schedule AND get your library card renewed. Its time again for the Every Kid a Card campaign

Kids who get a new card or renew an existing card get great stuff ( swim pass, Senators card, backpack tag) and can enter a draw for great prizes.

And while we are preparing for back to school.. here are some fun new books to share with soon to be  students.

Adventure Annie Goes to KindergartenAdventure Annie Goes to Kindergarten by Toni Buzzeo  Off to kindergarten, but will there be adventures? No doubt,if  Annie Grace a.k.a Adventure Annie has her way.

Butterflies in My StomachButterflies in My Stomach by Serge Bloch. School is confusing enough without all the crazy figures of speech everyone is using. A fun mixture of realistic photographs and line drawings follow a boy missing his dog through his  first day of school.

I'm your BusI'm your Bus by Marilyn Singer. Back to school from the school bus' point of view!

My Best Friend Is as Sharp as A PencilMy Best Friend Is as Sharp as A Pencil By Hanoch Piven The girl in this story uses collage art to answer all the questions her grandmother has about school. A  fun book to share and maybe take inspiration for your own family art.

This School Year Will Be the Best!This School Year Will Be the Best!  by Kay Winters.  A teacher asks her students on the first day of school what they wish for the coming year -- share this and then  create your own wishes

Read your way back to school -- and don't forget to pack your library card for the journey.