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Back to School New Picture Books


Summer is almost over and back to school time is just around the corner. There are lots of excellent picture books in our collection which perfectly capture the mixed emotions felt by kids and their moms about the first day of school.

A new arrival entitled Dad’s First Day uses a unique angle to reveal the emotions of a not quite ready dad. In a funny role reversal, it’s Oliver the kid who’s not nervous and is instead really excited about starting school, while his dad isn’t quite ready. This is an excellent read-aloud book. Kids will laugh at dad’s silly behaviour that seems more like how they sometimes act. Oliver’s dad hides from his son, refuses to go to school, and cries when he has to leave his son in the classroom.

I particularly liked the part where the worried dad races back to school and his anxiety ends when he sees his son Oliver happily playing with the other kids.This experience likely echo the anxiety feelings that many parents have when dealing with their own child’s first day of school. Dad’s First Day is a heart-warming and humorous story that will reassure parents that everything is going to be okay, and kids will want to read this funny story again and again.

The author Mike Wohnoutka told the media “I am very excited about Dad’s First Day. My children are a huge inspiration for me. The book was inspired by my son, Franklin, starting school and how difficult it was –not so much for him but for me!” 

Two other new books, Monkey: Not Ready for Kindergarten and Birdie’s First Day of School also capture the struggles and questions of boys and girls before their first day of school.

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