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Barrhaven Kids Love to Read


What a busy summer we had at the Library.  We had over almost 3000 children sign up fror the TD Summer Reading Club and books were flying off the shelves and going out the door by the bagful.  The final count was over 19,000 books read this summer.  Kudos kids! 

Every time a child came by to report a book read, we had them choose a special marker to put up on our windows.  They could choose to place their marker under Reading, Computers, Music, Science, Sports or Art according to their favourite activity, or passion.  We knew that Art was in the lead and as the summer came to a close, it became quite clear that art was the favourite choice overall.  We can barely see out of the Art window here!

Is Ottawa art world ready for an art-pocalypse of new talent from the South?


Congratulations to all of our readers.