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Battle of the Books - Week 2 Results


This week, Love Hate and Other Filters by Samira Ahmed had the least amount of votes and has unfortunately been eliminated from the competition. If you really enjoyed reading this book, you may also want to give these readalike books a try!

Do you have another readalike suggestion for  Love Hate and Other Filters? In the comment section below, tell us in a few sentences, which book it is and why you would recommend it. All the comments on this blog post (English and Fench) will be entered in a draw for the weekly $25 Chapters gift card prize. Enter your comment by Sunday, July 22nd (one entry per comment). The winner will be contacted directly by email or phone.  


On the French side of the competition in the “Combat des livres”, L’enfant mitrailleuse by Fabien Fernandez was the losing book. Discover the books competing in the Combat des livres.


Voting is now open for week two of the competition. Head over to the Battle of the Books main page to cast your vote (or votes)!

L'enfant mitrailleuse by Ottawa_Teens


Saints and Misfits by SK Ali is another book about a Muslim girl that deals with difficult topics. The character-building and the relatable narrator made this a really great book for teenage girls, whether they are Muslim or not. The book is also well written and has a good mix of humour and seriousness.

the book 'the misfits' deals with themes of self esteeem, family issues and incidents of rape and so it bring s up controversial topics .


a girl like that

A Girl Like That

a girl like that by tanaz bhathena

it is a great book