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Beach Reads

Aug 25, 2020

Summer 2020 has been an unforgettable summer, although, not in the way most of us would like. Quarantining, and social isolation has shifted vacation plans and the way many of us would prefer to spend our weekends.  However, just because we can’t physically get away doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy that summer beach feeling.

Step One:

Envision that deep blue sea, and the sound of crashing ocean waves. Take a deep breath in, and smell that fresh ocean air…..  Need a visual to accompany, try this virtual experience from Myrtos Beachin Kelafonia, Greece.

Step Two:

Play some calming relaxationmusic (or reggaetonworks well too) to hear the sounds of the Caribbean. Watch the clouds slowly move by and envision the sun reflecting off the water. This 360 of Amilla Fushi Resort in the Maldivesprovides some mood music and great scenic images to help along with way!

Step Three:

Find a great beach read to enjoy, and lose yourself in some summer romance, adventure and/or fun!

Some of our top picks include:

 Beach Read by Emily Henry

  • (not just a great title!)  When two authors in a writing slump meet (neighbouring beach house), fireworks, and a writing challenge ensue…

The Wife Who Knew too Much by Michele Campbell

  • When Tabitha reconnects with her old flame her heart reignites with love. But he is still married, and when his wife Nina is murdered, everyone becomes a suspect.  Tabitha quickly becomes the next Mrs. Connor Ford, and she quickly discovers all is not as it seems, and Nina seemed to know someone was after her. Will she become the next victim? Or is she at fault? Or is it Connor, the man who stood to gain a fortune from Nina’s death. All is not as it seems in this fast paced thriller.

The Safe Place by Anna Downes

  • When down on her luck Emma is offered a housekeeping/nanny gig on a beautiful, sprawling, remote French estate she jumps at the offer. Isolated from the rest of the world, she ignores the warning signs that something may be off.  This family is keeping dangerous secrets, ones that they want to keep hidden, and if discovered could mean the end for Emily…

 For more beach reads (including children’s titles) check out the lists below!

And for more virtual beach experiences, check out Thrillist!

"Beach" Reads: The Digital Edition
by charmaine_library

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Lire sur la plage
by charmaine_library

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Beach themed fun!
by ha_childrens

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Les plaisirs de la plage
by ha_childrens

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