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Believe Me


Believe Me

By Eddie Izzard

Eddie Izzard is a wonderful British comedian and a personal hero of mine.  He came out as transvestite at a time when it was career suicide to do so.  He even built the theme into his stand-up act. Audiences accepted him, perhaps initially thinking it was part of the show, and now the world knows Eddie as an extremely funny guy who wears skirts, heels and makeup on stage and off.  He maintains that this is his “inalienable right”.  I agree.

He is a groundbreaker, not only on the subject of gender, but in his career ambitions as well.  His tenacity, vision and sheer stubbornness have allowed him to carve out a place for himself in a very competitive field.  He takes enormous risks, albeit calculated ones, and seems unafraid to fail.

I believe that we could all borrow a little of Eddie’s courage from time to time. How often have you wanted to do something very badly and been too scared to try?  Perhaps you feared rejection, or your ambition was outside of the norm.  Eddie ploughs through these objections, conquering his trepidation and disregarding societal pressure to conform.  Self-reflective, courageous and analytical, Izzard dismisses strict gender roles as arbitrary, and goes his own way.

This is not just about gender identity, however.  It is also the story of an artist who created his own success.  By taking chances, never giving in to fear, and never ever giving up, Eddie has forged a career that has taken him around the world many times over.  Izzard is known as an intelligent stand-up comic and social activist who boldly confronts prejudice through laughter. 

I listened to the audiobook, which is read by the author.  Eddie does ramble on a bit, but there are details here that are not in the book, which is a companion piece to the film biography “Believe”.  As a diehard Eddie fan, I loved every minute of it.

Believe Me by sonja_library