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Bernie Gunther, German PI


Field GrayI must confess that I do not read a great many thrillers; however, there are a couple of thriller writers I find impossible to resist. One such author is Philip Kerr. His latest book in the Bernie Gunther series is entitled Field Gray. Bernie Gunther was a police detective in Berlin who went into private practice in 1933 when he found the police force being purged of non party members. His sense of justice and strong moral centre show through all of the novels. The books range from Berlin in the 1930s, to Munich, to Buenos Aires. The latest title takes place during the early 1950s when the Cold War is in full swing. Many countries are interested in Bernie’s past. He is forced to dredge up old memories that many people would prefer remain hidden and silent.


  Berlin Noir

The books are moody and they are pieces of noir. Reading the books in order does provide some continuity. A good place to start is the Berlin Noir Triology: March Violets,The Pale Criminal, and A German Requiem. If you enjoy Bernie Gunther, you might also enjoy novels by Alan Furst, and J. Robert Janes.

May your mysteries keep you up all night reading.

Michael Murphy is an OPL librarian and the vice-president of Capital Crime Writers.