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Big Library Read -- The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett


The hundred reasons you should read The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett ... Number 100.  Just kidding -- I won’t go on and on but this is a really great young adult (YA)  book that you will totally enjoy.  Lizzie is not the main character, she is the most popular girl in high school who has gone missing from Griffin Mills; and even though Hawthorn Creely has had only one brief -- not entirely positive -- interaction with her, she is determined to find out what happened.  As Hawthorn uncovers lie after lie by taking over Lizzie’s life she (sort of) gets a new boyfriend, contends with mean girls, starts her first job, and hangs out with a caravan of hippies.  What?  Yeah, that last one is in there, and pretty fascinating and not even the most absurd (yet believable) component of this novel.  


You will love how Chelsea Sedoti writes honestly with true teen voices; and how her book deals gracefully and genuinely with sensitive, important issues.


But you will love even more how she has Hawthorn come up with so many imaginative ways for her enemies to get what they deserve.


“I wished Mychell and her stupid jock buddy would win the lottery and lose the ticket. I wish they would only ever be able to take cold showers.  I wished every glass of lemonade they drank for the rest of their lives would be just a little too sour”.  


Haven’t we all felt like that about someone? I wish I could articulate it as amusingly as Hawthorn.


Hawthorn has been called “laugh-out-loud funny, biting, insecure, obnoxious [and] heart-achingly lonely”. Take this opportunity to delve into this amazing character driven YA novel.


You can read The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett during BIG LIBRARY READ happening from October 12 to 26, 2017.  It will be available for download from OverDrive for all Ottawa Public Library cardholders.  Take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy a great YA novel, compliments of Overdrive and OPL, this fall.