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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Demystified

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Cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly mainstream across Canada and the world!  But it is a mystery to many.  Do you want to understand Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, the Blockchain, and coin mining?  

Otttawa Public Library is hosting three interactive seminars to explain crytocurrency, two in English and one in French.  Join Jordan St. Jacques from Digitera Interactive and Michael-Anthony Clement from Institut Innovation Gatineau for a seminar  in plain language that will demystify these and other terms in the world of digital currency. Learn the history of digital currency, how it works, and how an increasing number of investors and businesses are using it.  

Register for one of these sessions:

Also explore the list below of resources about cryptocurrency, in English and in French and all available at Ottawa Public Library.  You will find books, ebooks and streaming videos. 

Cryptocurrency / La Cryptomonnaieby Jill_Biblio

Understand digital money with these great reads. / Comprendre le monde de la monnaie numérique.


I missed these sessions and am very much interested in attending one in English. Is this possible.

Thank you for your comment. These sessions were very popular. We will offer them again in the fall.