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"Body MInd and Spirit" at the Manotick Branch

David Fels, Artist

We have a new and large piece of artwork made by a local sculptor at the Manotick Branch Library.  David Fels, a long-time resident and artist, has loaned a magnificent abstract work of art called "Body, Mind Spirit".  It was created by a single piece of a Black Walnut tree  using chainsaws, axes, and chisels, as described by David.

Body, Mind and Spirit sculpture

He goes on to say that, "'Body, Mind Spirit' embodies the geometric forms of circle square and triangle seen in the reaching ends of the work.  These geometric features combine with the structural logic of twisting four-sided forms to dance with the organic growth history of the walnut tree."

Long-time residents using the Manotick Branch Library may remember his similarly tall and flowing scupture on display here entitled "Man and Age" which was created from an elm tree and displayed by the window at the children's area until  a few years ago.

To find more details about the current work of art, you can do so by visiting our branch.  "Body Mind Spirit" will be on display until May 2019.

Close up of Body Mind Spirit