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Breakin' Up Is Hard To Do - A Capital Pride eRead for All!

OPL symbol in the colours of the Pride flag, with a cover image of the book

Aug 10, 2022

To celebrate Capital Pride this August, OPL is offering unlimited digital access to Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me, an award-winning graphic novel about toxic teen relationships and the importance of friendship. The theme of heartbreak is relatable to all ages, sexualities, and genders, as is represented by the diversity in cast of main and supporting characters; thus, we’re inviting adults and teens alike to check out a copy through Overdrive or Cantook Station from August 1-31.

What’s a girl to do when the love of your life keeps breaking up with you? 

When Frederica’s popular girlfriend Laura Dean breaks up with her for a third time, she decides to consult an advice columnist and a local mystic. The mystic tells her what she needs to hear but isn’t ready to admit: if she wants to break this cycle, she must be the one to break up with Laura Dean…but that’s easier said than done. Freddy’s friends and family know Laura Dean is bad for her. Every time Laura Dean re-enters her life, Freddy’s whole world seems to revolve around their relationship, even at the expense of her friendship with her best friend Doodle. As issues start to mount, Freddy must decide what’s more important to her and what kind of person she wants to be.

The art in this book is beautifully detailed, and each character is distinctively designed. The monochromatic scheme with selective bursts of pastel pink, and the magical realism elements with talking objects really add to the poignancy of the narrative. 

All the time, I hear people talk about how hard it is to break up with preconceived notions they’ve held: the idea that comics and graphic novels are just for children, or stereotypes based on gender and sexuality. This book shows us that while breaking up is hard to do, we can do hard things.

We hope you join us this month in reading Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me. You can find the book on Overdrive at Ottawa Public Library - OverDrive .