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BrowseAloud Plus

BrowseAloud: Utility bar icons / la barre d'outils

May 27, 2014

You may have noticed a new icon has recently appeared in the header of the OPL website. BrowseAloud Plus is now enabled on the OPL website, which allows users to have website content read aloud to them while the text is highlighted on the screen.  It will also read out PDF documents from the website.  This tool is useful for people with print disabilities, such as dyslexia, or mild visual impairments. Please note that BrowseAloud only works on OPL web pages and doesn’t work in BiblioCommons or OverDrive.

After selecting the BrowseAloud icon in the header of the page, the BrowseAloud toolbar appears.The first green button is the “hover to speak” mode. Simply move your mouse over the text to have it read aloud. The second button is an alternative to the hover highlighting and allows you to select specific text for it to read.Other neat features of BrowseAloud plus:

• A translator which translates text into 74 different languages. • MP3 maker which allows you to select the text you want read and convert it to an MP3 file to be saved and read later. • Text magnification which magnifies the text at the top of the page as it is being read aloud. • Screen mask: features a semi-opaque black mask across the screen to block out distractions on the page and focus on one small section.  • Simplifier: this feature removes clutter from the page and presents a simple layout. Once this option is chosen, users can also choose to increase text size and change colour contrast on the page. For more information on BrowseAloud Plus see the BrowseAloud support page.