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Calling all Crafters – Let's keep busy at home and online!

Apr 15, 2020

What crafting projects can we do at home to keep our hands busy, but that do not require crafting upplies that we don’t have available?  Researching the perfect project that met this criteria kept me busy this week but I did find one neat project: rag rugs! Make a rag rug from old clothing or fabric remnants you have hiding in a closet or basement. I discovered that I had LOTS of old, unused clothing hanging around in closets that would be perfect for this project.  As I was going through my closet, it occurred to me that I probably need to check out Marie Kondo’s e-book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up, but I digress.

To make a rag rug: Cut the old clothing into strips, and then begin to braid them together.  Add more fabric strips as you go, and when your braid is long enough, simply coil into a round.  Sew together using a needle and strong thread, or a sewing machine. Voilà!  See the full instructions with images on Instructables.

The library has lots of craft resources available if you want to learn more about craft projects using recycled materials.  Two of my favourites are: Upcycling and Wisecraft: Turning Thrift Store Finds, Fabric Scraps and Natural Objects into Stuff you Love. Check out more of my favourite eBooks in the list below!

Blog post contributed by Martha from our Rockliffe Park branch.

Crafting at Home/ L'artisanat à domicile
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