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Calling All Young Writers!

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The time is here again for young writers to put your creative and expressive efforts toward a poem, short story or comic for entry in the Ottawa Public Library’s Awesome Authors youth writing contest. We want to hear what you have to say in your own words, so start writing!

Help us showcase your work and stretch those writing muscles by joining in writing workshops with established and published authors. These workshops are designed to help you create your best poem, short story or comic ever:


Writing Workshops:

For ages 9 -12:

Poetry Workshop with Apollo the Child – Ages 9 to 12

Short Story Workshop with Catherine Austen – Ages 9 to 12

Comics Workshop with author Éric Péladeau – Ages 9 to 12

French language Poetry and Short Story Workshop with Karine Perron – Ages 9 to 12


The deadline for all submissions is February 19, 2019. Entries must be submitted electronically on the contest webpage, or in person at any branch or bookmobile stop. More detailed information about the Awesome Authors contest and rules can be found online at entries will be published in the annual Friends of the Ottawa Public Library pot-pourri anthology.