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Canada Day 2023

canadian flag with rainbow books

Jun 30, 2023

Celebrating on Canada Day in the Capital Region contains many unique traditions, the children with painted faces, Canadians and visitors dressed in red and white gathering at Parliament Hill, LeBreton Flats and Major’s Hill Park, the camaraderie, the interactive activities, snacking on Beaver Tails in the Market, appearances by dignitaries and special guests, live performances by Canadian musicians, and an impressive fireworks show! Does it get any better? For some of us…yes. The gatherings and the activity is a lot for some so why not celebrate Canada Day by finding a quiet spot and settling in with a fantastic book by a Canadian author? Below is a list of incredible books by Canadian authors -- what better way to celebrate what’s great about this country and connect with your fellow Canadians than to engage with all our different perspectives through a book? If celebrating Canada Day the loud and enthusiastic way is your cup of tea, here’s the link to the Canada Day website, as for me, maybe I’ll see you far away under a tree by a river, reading a Canadian book. Happy Canada Day!

Reading Canadian / Lisez canadien
by Collection_Development

Reading Canadian this Canada Day – what are you enjoying? / Lisez un livre canadien cet été - Quelles lectures aimez-vous?