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Canadian Children’s Book Week

Illustration by Béha of a person-bird with a book instead of wings

Apr 28, 2021

Canadian Children's Book Week is the largest national event celebrating Canadian children's books and the importance of reading. Each year, more than 50 book creators connect with over 40,000 children and youth across the country. The mission is to promote the talent and work of our outstanding authors and illustrators in both official languages. The Ottawa Public Library organizes annual visits to various schools in the region with a few of the authors selected by the week's organizers. This year, these visits will be virtual, and we are pleased to welcome Jocelyn Boisvert, Cecil Castellucci, Michelle Barker and Aidan Cassie. 

If they don't come to your classroom, don't worry! You too can take part in the celebrations, as two visits are open to the public. Places are limited, so hurry up and register! On Wednesday, May 5 at 10:30 am, create a picture book with author-illustrator Aidan Cassie. Aidan will help you discover many tools for coming up with story ideas, and how the illustrations can do a lot of the storytelling when the words can’t. On Thursday, May 6 at 4:30 pm, meet Jocelyn Boisvert (French Only), author of the series Les héros de ma classe. After reading a few excerpts, Jocelyn will lead you in a brainstorming session to find ideas that would lend themselves to the series.  

Canadian Children’s Book Week is organized by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre and is made possible through the generous support of their sponsors and funders. 

Semaine du livre canadien pour la jeunesse 2021 Canadian Children’s Book Centre
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Canadian Children's Book Week is the largest national event celebrating Canadian children's books and the importance of reading. Each year, more than 50 book creators connect with over 40,000 children and youth across the country. | La Semaine du livre canadien pour la jeunesse est l'événement national le plus important pour célébrer les livres jeunesse canadiens et l'importance de la lecture. Chaque année, plus de 50 créateurs de livres entrent en contact avec plus de 40 000 enfants et jeunes dans tout le pays.