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Canadian Jewish Heritage Month

National Jewish Heritage Month

May 05, 2022

The month of May is Canadian Jewish Heritage Month. Since the first arrival of Jews in Canada in 1759, the Canadian Jewish community has grown to be the 4th largest Jewish community in the world. OPL has compiled a list of books and works by prize-winning authors for you to further explore the culture, heritage, and history of Jewish Canadians all month long. Happy reading! 

Canadian Jewish Heritage Month / Mois du patrimoine juif canadien
by Stéphanie_biblio

For the month of May, OPL offers you a list of books and prize-winning authors for you to further explore the culture, heritage and history of Jewish Canadians all month long. / Au mois de mai, explorez la liste suivante et découvrez davantage au sujet des contributions de la culture juive au Canada.


Dancing with My Father

I am delighted that my 2021 memoir, Dancing with My Father, is in 4 branches of the OPL. After contacting the OPL April 4, it was my hope that the library would consider having me read and discuss the book, especially when I was told by a library staff, that the OPL is gearing up for in-person author events. It was with the encouragement of a retired OPL librarian that I am writing this request. I have read and spoken at a number of events, (all virtual so far) including the Prince Edward County Library, a university in Ireland, and a number of book clubs, including the George Brown College Retirees Association. (Some of the interviews are on YouTube) Dancing with My Father was twice a finalist in the 2021 Readers' Favorite Awards and more recently in The Next Generation Indie Book Awards - both in the memoir (historical/legacy.) My home in Lowertown (since 2015) is a perfect neighbourhood for a woman of my heritage - Irish-born, mixed Irish-Jewish background. It would be an honour to speak at a OPL event. Email:; ph: 613-421-7810; 613-503-0010(cell.) Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.