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Caring for Community: A travelling photo exhibit

variety of human faces  / variété de visages humains

Aug 25, 2023

You are invited!

The City of Ottawa and the Community Safety and Well-Being team, in partnership with Ottawa Public Library, presents:

Caring For Community - a travelling photo exhibit

A healthy and inclusive community exists when people care about each other and about the place they live. It exists when people work together to overcome the community’s challenges and shape a better future for everyone.

This travelling exhibit is an example of the good that comes from a collective sense of belonging and responsibility. Meet twenty frontline workers. Their story will take you on a journey. Gender equity. Financial security. Poverty reduction. Rent supplements. Integrated systems. Discrimination.

Learn about the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan and the humans who contribute to the plan’s progress every day.

We invite you to learn more about them in the words of people who work in roles that serve the community at the following branches:

  • End of May-June 20, at Saint-Laurent
  • June 22/23-July 18, at Vanier 
  • July 20/21-Aug 15, at Greenboro
  • Aug 17/18-Sep 11, at Carlingwood
  • Sep 13/14 - Oct 9, at Main
  • Oct 10/11 - Nov 8, at Nepean Centrepointe
  • Nov 10/11 - Dec 5, at Ruth E. Dickinson
  • Last stop: Dec 6 - end of Dec, at City Hall