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If you were a contestant on Jeopardy! faced with the category "Finances for Women", would you know what questions to ask? While everyone can benefit from taking the time to think about their management of money, there are certain concerns specific to women that you may not even know to consider. For instance, 

A woman's long-term needs may be significantly different from those of her husband because of this

On Jeopardy!, the answer (in the form of a question) might be "What is the longer lifespan of women than men?"

On January 23rd at the Ruth E. Dickinson branch we will be giving you more queries to consider in the presentation Five Money Questions for Women. We can help you determine whether your strategy makes sense for your lifestyle, and bring to light things to keep in mind when making financial goals. You can register now to reserve your spot in this program. Meanwhile, look over the resources below for more female-specific guides to finances.

Feminine Finances by Amy_library_biblio

Resources for financial planning catered to women