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CBC All in a Day Book Panel - August 2019

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Welcome to the recap of CBC’s All in a Day book panel. On August 6th, Ann Archer of the Ottawa Public Library, and Sean Wilson of the Ottawa Writers’ Festival discussed their picks for the month. If you missed them on the radio you can listen to the stream online

CBC All in a Day Book Panel - August 2019 by Cat_Biblio

Book recommendations from OPL's Ann Archer and Sean Wilson of the Ottawa International Writers Festival, presented monthly on CBC's All in a Day with Alan Neal.


The election writ hasn’t been dropped yet, but I am being deluged with political e-mails every day. So I thought it would be a nice respite to listen to the All in a Day book panel talk about reading for the beach. So it was a very unpleasant surprise when Sean Wilson started promoting global warming hysteria, recommending a collection of dystopian novellas about the world recovering climate catastrophe. This is his recommended beach reading?! Seriously. At least OPL’s Ann Archer didn’t get into the act. Give it a break, please, at least until November.

Hello baldand,
The All in a Day Book Panel is meant to help Ottawans discover something new to read. The recommendations are made by two people who do a lot of reading, and they touch on a different subject matter every month.