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CE TAG recommends - Top 5 Books with Green Covers to get you Reading this Spring


Mar 23, 2022

INSURGENCE (by Veronica Roth):

The second installment in the Divergent series is a thrilling and heart-pounding book that follows up on the devastating circumstances the main protagonists are in. The book starts after the revelation of Jeanine Matthews’ (leader of the Erudite clan) nefarious plan in eliminating the ‘Divergents’. Beatrice, Tobias, and other survivors need to work together to bring peace back to their city before it’s too late. Note - this series begins with Divergent (book 1) included in the list below.

MAZE RUNNER (by James Dashner):

The Maze Runner follows a boy named Thomas who is transported to a prison called the Glade. Despite it being very secure, there is an opening in the concrete walls that leads to a labyrinth. To escape the Glade, ‘runners’ are sent into the labyrinth in hopes of finding an exit. Readers who are fans of dystopian stories will love The Maze Runner.

TO BEST THE BOYS (by Mary Weber):

In To Best The Boys, boys of Pinsbury Port are given a chance to win a scholarship from Stemwick University. The catch is that contestants need to enter the Labyrinth and survive if they want to become the winner. When disaster strikes at Rhen Tellur’s hometown, she will team up with her cousin and attempt to win the scholarship for themselves. The plot and the characters are well-written, making this an option for readers looking for an adventure to sweep them off their feet.

SEVEN ENDLESS FORESTS (by April Genevieve Tucholke):

Fans of fantasy stories such as The Hobbit and Harry Potter will enjoy the Seven Endless Forests written by April Genevieve Tucholke. The book focuses on Torvi and her quest on retrieving her sister from the dastardly Uther. On her journey, she will meet some artists and a druid while searching for a magical sword that can help find her sister. I found this book to be exhilarating at times and had me at the edge of my seat.

TRASH (by Andy Mulligan):

Trash features a group of dumpsite boys, as they sort out trash day by day. When one of them (Raphael) finds a suitcase, the police come with questions, looking for answers. He and his friends know that the mysterious package can be their way out, they just need to think five steps ahead of the authorities. Trash is a book that reinforces that trust and hope can be found even in the strangest of places.

This list is brought to you by Marko from the CE TAG. My name is Marko and I am sixteen years old. I enjoy reading fiction books (preferably science-fiction) because they have more intrigue than non-fiction novels. This is why the Star Wars books appeal to me, as the lore and the conflicts between characters always put me at the edge of my seat. I also like to play soccer and badminton in the summer.

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