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Celebrate Franco-Ontarian Day!



The festivities are back! Franco-Ontarian day is arriving on September 25th, and with it a chance to honour Francophonie in our community. Join in on the Franco-Ontarian fun with this booklist or any of the following events featuring Franco-Ontarians…


The Ottawa Public library’s French programs are a great place to start! Croisée des mots will be hosting Sylvie Bérard on October 14th, along with other Franco-Ontarian authors in the following months.


You won’t want to miss out on Les bases de la randonnée either! You’ll learn to perfect your hiking skills for optimal outdoor fun on September 24th. Or what about a French writing class? Martine Batanian will help inspire your creative writing in our upcoming Atelier d’écriture— Création littéraire.


And if you’re feeling musical this September 25th, the National Arts Centre is hosting Franco-Ontarian artist Kimya to give us the perfect Franco-concert.


Looking to celebrate with the whole family? The 3-day Festival Franco-Ontarien has a lineup of amazing francophone artists that will perform at their music festival. And Mon Drapeau Franco has lots on schedule for children and youth ages 3-18. Our littlest festival-goers can enjoy a theatrical show by francophone characters Amandine and Rosalie! Grades 3-12 will have the chance to participate in an interactive special featuring virtual shows, games and votes on what the artists should do next. Check out our Best of the web’s tabs so you don’t miss a thing!


Still more family-friendly fun to come! Check out our Classe de cuisine with Chef Guy Dongué from Cuisine Santé for a cooking experience like no other on October 28th. 


If you can, don’t forget to participate in Buy a Franco-Ontarian book day— or borrow one! Have a look at the suggestions below and visit your local branch to discover more Franco-Ontarian authors. Happy Franco-Ontarian day!