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Chair Yoga

May 29, 2020

Forget what you think you know about yoga!  You won’t have to become a human pretzel to reap the numerous benefits of a yoga practice.  It is true that “yoga is not about being bendy,” as my yoga teacher says.  

You can practice Chair Yoga from where you are, in a chair, on the couch and even in your bed.  Chair Yoga is a great alternative to a yoga practice on the floor. So, get ready to return to healthy movement with Chair Yoga.  

Chair Yoga is accessible to everyone and may assist you in reclaiming mobility and strength.

Have fun while you learn about the physical and mental benefits of chair yoga.

The ebooks and videos below guide you in yoga moves.  

The Library is offering three Online Seniors Fitness Chair Yoga sessions delivered by Georgia Morissette on Friday mornings in June:



  • Click here to view online yoga videos through the Ottawa Public Library website.