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  • Contactless Returns and Holds Pickup Service at OPL


    OPL offers contactless returns and holds pickup service at select branches, during new hours of operation. 

    • RETURNS will be accepted only during hours of operation, no appointment necessary. Due dates for currently checked out materials have been extended and late fees suspended. 
    • HOLDS PICKUP: As of July 27, appointments are no longer needed to pick up holds, except at Rosemount (temporary location). You can pick up your available holds during opening hours at branches offering contactless service.    
    • Rosemount (temporary location) will offer curbside service starting Monday, July 27. Holds pickups are by appointment only at this location. 
    • UPDATE: Starting Monday, August 17, additional in-person services will be offered at select branches and new branch locations will reopen. Find out more.

    Masks are required to be worn inside Ottawa Public Library branches, as per the Temporary Mandatory Mask By-law. 
    For information about Library cards, virtual programs, and more, contact InfoService by phone or email. 


A change to language handling on the library website


In keeping with best practices on the web, we are doing away with what is commonly called the language “splash page” – the page you arrive on to choose English or French when you type in your browser. Instead, you will be taken directly to the English or French homepage, depending on what language you have prioritized in your browser’s language settings.

The reason for the change is many major sites, such as Google and Facebook -- including our municipal partner, Ottawa,ca -- have adopted this practice, which increases search engine optimization and allows you to get to content more quickly.

One exception to the change is users who use public computers in the library will continue to see a language page from which to choose their language preference on the library website. This is because it’s not possible to retain the language preference for every user who books time on public computers. Similarly, if you browse websites bilingually, or if you occasionally browse websites in French but don’t wish to change your browser’s language settings, you always retain the option on every page to switch back and forth between English and French.

Please note that this change only affects browsing the library website at The library catalogue ( continues to allow users to specify a language choice in their account settings. Unfortunately isn’t possible to link the two language preferences so you will need to ensure that they are both set to your preference.

For at-home users, if you currently browse most sites in English, there is nothing you need to do to arrive at the library website homepage and have it display in English. If you prefer to browse in French and have not changed your browser to prioritize French content, here are some instructions for the most common browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7+

Language preferences are under Tools > Internet Options > General (tab) > Languages > Language preference.


Language preferences may be set under Tools > Options (Windows) or Firefox > Preferences (Mac OS X).

From there, select the Content tab > Languages, and select the Choose button.


On Mac OS X, the language preferences sent to websites are specified on the OS X system language preferences. To change those preferences, go to System Preferences > Language & text > Language. Safari will send only the top language listed as your preferred language. On Windows, the preferred language sent by Safari will match your system settings and can’t be modified.

Google Chrome

To change language preferences, go to Settings (Windows) or Chrome > Preferences (Mac OS X), and select Show advanced settings. From there, choose Languages and rearrange (or add) languages to suit your preference.