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Check out Media Smarts during Media Literacy Week!


Have you heard about Since 1996, this Canadian not-for-profit has been developing resources and programs for children, teens, and the adults in their lives to support their digital and media literacy.

Their up to date, Canadian-centric resources are all available in both English and French and are backed by their ongoing research program called Young Canadians in a Wired World.

Particularly relevant to the theme of this year’s Media Literacy Week, Fact or Fake: Help the World Stop Misinformation in Its Tracks, is MediaSmart’s Reality Check series. The Reality Check series is a partnership project between MediaSmarts and Facebook Canada to develop a “series of videos, tip sheets and activities that will give Canadians of all ages the tools they need to verify different kinds of online information and to help them understand why it’s important to double-check before they share information online.” This project is not yet complete, but right now you can find information on verifying online news, citizenship and making informed voting, science and health, and recognizing false content online.


Here’s the first video, Reality Check – News you Can Use

“Reality Check.” MediaSmarts,