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Clive Cussler Dies at 88


Clive Cussler, bestselling author of more than 80 adrenaline-propelled novels, has died at age 88.  Dirk Pitt, his most famous character, featured in 25 of his books including the first, Mediterranean Caper published in 1973. In the last years of his life he published more than one book a year, often co-authoring to increase his output as encouraged by his publisher.  He regarded his work as entertainment: "I like snappy dialogue and short descriptions and lots of action."  HIs readers loved him for it. 

Get a taste of a Clive Cussler adventure through OPL's collection.

Image: Final Option

Final Option

By Cussler, Clive
Image: Celtic Empire

Celtic Empire

By Cussler, Clive
Image: Shadow Tyrants

Shadow Tyrants

By Cussler, Clive
Image: The Oracle

The Oracle

By Cussler, Clive
Image: The Romanov Ransom

The Romanov Ransom

A Sam and Remi Fargo Adventure
By Cussler, Clive