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Close-up and Personal with Macro photography at Manotick

Macrophotograph of a fly

We had another wonderful meeting at the Manotick Branch on October 10th with the nascent Manotick Photography Club.  The guest presenter was Simon Gardner a former Video Journalist with CBC News Ottawa and a member of the Ottawa Camera Club.  Simon displayed examples of his work in the meeting room to a large and very receptive audience.

Simon Gardner macro photograph of a horse fly

He gave some pointers on how to achieve the effects using extension tubes and certain types of macro lenses.  He stressed that lighting is also key to an excellent macrophotograph and discussed the equipment used and where to purchase it.

All in all, an informative talk!

Our next meeting at Manotick will demonstrate the remarkable visual effects one can achieve with smoke effects.  A sample:

Smoke effects photography


Camera Club of Ottawa

Le Montréal Camera Show, a 'flea market' of cameras and equipment taking place on Sunday, November 4th in Montréal.