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The Clothesline Project


The month of May is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and we have up at the Greenboro District Library some t shirts created by women involved in the Clothesline Project. This is organised locally in Ottawa by WEN and the project is an "[...] opportunity for airing out our “dirty laundry”. The goal of our event is to bring awareness to the community about the issue of woman abuse. It is only when we begin to talk about this social problem that we will begin to solve it. Let’s break the wall of silence that exists about woman abuse in our community. [...] On a weekend in May each year, survivors of violence paint tee-shirts with messages about their experiences and personal stories, which we hang from clotheslines in a public park for all to see." You can see our display in person on the first floor of Greenboro.

clothes display.jpg

On May 26th, these t-shirts along with many others will be displayed in Minto Park during the Ravenswing Art and Music Fair, which is a proud partner of the Clothesline Project . From the Ravenswing' website: "The events organized by Ravenswing promote both self-sufficiency and community building, founded on the principles of personal leadership and mutual aid"


For more information about the Clothesline Project, see the Women's Event Network website or this website, the Clothesline Project.