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CNIB is celebrating 100 years!

Alexandra Yarrow, Tony Westenbroek et l’exposition CNIB

To mark this century of supporting right to read and equal access to information for Canadians living with vision loss, CNIB launched an online exhibit called That All May Read.  

The online exhibit celebrates CNIB and allows visitors to browse their Explore History section, which takes you on the journey and evolution of CNIB (including some amazing photos of the CNIB Library for fellow library lovers!); Galleries shows you a collection of images that demonstrate the evolution of assistive technology and supports for people with visual disability and finally, Our Story, where you can listen to the experiences of three blind individuals.

The Ottawa Public Library is also celebrating Accessibility by hosting an exhibit called Envisioning Technology, created by Carleton University's Disability Research Group. Above is an image of George Duimovich from Carleton University, with Alexandra Yarrow and Tony Westenbroek of OPL, standing beside the exhibit. This exhibit “focuses on the stories of people who were blind or partially sighted who were instrumental to the creation of technological innovations that have led to a more accessible and inclusive Canadian society”. It also showcases the evolution of assistive technology: for instance, did you know that the first accessible ATM was at the Royal Bank at the corner of Bank and Queen in Ottawa? George and Alex are holding up a braille transcription of the exhibit, which visitors can also consult. To see the exhibit, please visit the Main Branch 3rd floor.

Credit: Carleton University Research Group.


Tony is holding up OPL’s brochure about accessible services at the Library in the image. For information about Ottawa Public Library’s Accessibility services please visit our website, or call 613-580-2424 x 28321