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Combat national des livres : And the winner is...?

averti book cover

May 02, 2022

The winner of the 2022 edition of the Combat national des livres is La naissance d'une dynastie, volume 1 of the L'averti trilogy by Vanessa Léger. This book was championed by Serge Brideau for the Atlantic region. It's the story of the Roussel family over many generations, with the newspaper L'averti, created by the family, in the background of it all. It is set in the Maritimes, but in a fictional town. Book one and two are already available, with the third one being launched this summer.

It is the first time that the Atlantic region book wins the Combat national des livres. It came in first by only five votes, with La course de Rose by Dawn Dumont coming in second. It was championed by Isabelle Picard, from the Indigenous territories.

How about you? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Combat national des livres 2022
by Karine_Biblio

Livres en nomination pour le combat national des livres du 2 au 6 mai 2022.


Le vol de l'ange

Je n'avais lu que Le vol de l'ange parmi cette liste, mais je l'avais adoré! Ça fait plusieurs années que je le recommande à d'autres lecteurs. 'Tout est ori' est sur ma pile de livres à lire présentement.