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Sep 15, 2021

Ottawa Public Library’s successful Tech Café is expanding even more this fall with additional new programs and partners.  We have adjusted the time of the Tech Café to 3:30-4:30 pm, and we are holding sessions both on Monday and on Thursday afternoons. 

We are excited to open the season with new topics in the very-well-attended Tech Café Fundamentals series, provided by Connected Canadians and by our new partner, Cyber-Seniors. The focus of the Fundamentals series is promoting digital literacy skills and developing a comfort level with technology.  The topics covered this fall are:  Podcasts, VPNs, Google Meet, Smart Homes, and Digital Documents.  Join us to learn more about these topics!

On Thursdays in October and early November, we are offering a 5-part series "Making Technology Work For You", provided by Connected Canadians.  Sessions will focus on how to get your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone to work for you when you have an impairment (vision, hearing, mobility) making things hard to see, to hear, to move.   

On Mondays in November and early December, the regular Tech Café series on Mondays, partnering with Ottawa PC Users Group and Envirocentre, includes topics for a variety of interests:  energy efficiency in your home, renewable energy, scam avoidance and trust, ebooks, photo collages, and making a hard book of digital photos.

In November and early December on Thursdays we are offering a mini-series of Tech Cafés in French.  These will be announced soon!

Please consult the following web page for a complete listing of all our Tech Café presentations.  

Do you need more personalized help with computers and technology?  Try the library’s phone and email tutorials.  You can sign up for these on the Library’s 1:1 page.  Or if you need more detailed instruction, use our online resources LinkedIn Learning  or Toutapprendre for video courses on a wide variety of technological topics.  Just remember to sign into your library account before clicking on the 3 links above.  

And of course, the library has books and ebooks on a wide variety of computers and technology.  Have look at these Bibliocommons lists (Basic Computer Skills, and Safety and Privacy Issues Online ) or create one of your own. 

Basic Computer Skills
by Shayna_library

Safety and Privacy Issues Online
by Shayna_library

La protection de la vie privée en ligne et la cybersécurité
by Shayna_library

Compétences informatiques de base
by Shayna_library