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Cooking at home


There’s no doubt that these times are a challenge. Perhaps you are relying on others for grocery delivery, or doing online ordering and curbside pickup. Perhaps you are finding you cannot eat out or order in with budget constraints and many other restrictions.  

Please join us for a series of cooking demonstrations by local chefs!   

Ottawa Public Library has invited these chefs to highlight inexpensive, healthy, delicious meals that will bring you joy and comfort.  

  • Dig out your crock pot or slow cooker and learn some hearty recipes that make meal prep easy.  

  • No meat? No problem. We’ll show you how to use beans and lentils as healthy, budget-friendly alternatives.  

  • Have you been gardening this summer or buying local produce? Let’s make up some wholesome dishes with those harvested veggies.  

  • Learn how to prepare easy, delicious and nutritious meals.  

  • Nothing is more comforting than the smell of baking bread – get started making sourdough loaves at home! 

We’ve added to this series a special presentation by Inuk Chef Trudy Metcalfe to give you a taste of cuisine from the north. 

Borrow these great recipe books to inspire you more.  Many are available in ebook as well as in print.   

Explore the A to Z World Food Online Resource! This is a great resource for learning more about food in history and culture while discovering thousands of traditional recipes from around the world! 

Cooking at Home / Cuisinerby Jill_Biblio

Comfort food, sourdough bread, crock pot or slow cooker --enjoy cooking from home! / des recettes réconfortantes, du pain au levain, des recettes de mijoteuse -- le plaisir de cuisiner!


Simon Bell is relaxed, confident, knowledgeable,
His cooking instructions are easy to follow but full of new ideas.
He is entertaining without trying to be .
PLEASE.......more classes with Simon.
Thank you.