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Craft ideas for children

Mar 21, 2020

Are you running out of creative ideas? We are flying to the rescue! Below you will find some craft ideas. We have divided them into two categories: crafts that can be done with very little parental supervision (also known as crafts that can be done during a video conference with your boss), and crafts that require parental supervision at all times (also known as crafts that will make your table sticky and glittery if you take two minutes to go to the bathroom).

Little parental supervision

  1. Print a free drawing by author and illustrator Élise Gravel, available on her website, and let them have fun.
  2. Be a part of the window scavenger hunt. Ask your children to draw a rainbow and display it in your window. If you need a template you can find one here.
  3. Let them create fun bookmarks. You can find easy instructions to follow on the blogMaking Memories With Your Kids.
  4. Print these Fun Food Play Dough Mats available on the blog Picklebums. You can also use them with markers if you don’t have playdough.
  5. Show them this YouTube tutorial to create Easy Dog Hand Puppet on the Red Ted Art channel. 

With parental supervision

  1. Do you want to learn how to knit? Learn it with your children with this YouTube tutorial.
  2. You will probably need a pretty place to store all the art supplies. Create your own art supply caddy by following the steps on the Highlights Kids website. 
  3. Turn old magazines into jewelry by creating paper beads. Visit the blog Easy, Peasy and Fun to learn how.
  4. Make play dough bath soap. It’s so much fun and you only need three ingredients. Find the instructions on the blog Creative Healthy Family.
  5. Create puffy paint with glue and shaving cream! Visit the blog Crafty Morning to find how.

What are your favorite crafts? Tell us in the comments section.

Blog post contributed by Cindy from Program Development

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels