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The Cure For Everything!


Unlike a patent medicine that promises to be a cure for all that ails you, author Timothy Caulfield undertakes this lighthearted look at health and what is being sold to us on daily basis as true facts and hard science about health. The title caught my eye, and I was delighted to discover it was a well written book by a Canadian academic, no less! I liked this aspect of the book as it's far easier to undertsand the examples when they are based in your country. Caulfield uses himself as the gunea pig for all his explorations into healthy living, whch he breaks down into three categories: exercise, diet/nutrition, and genetics. I'm always angry at the science reporting in the media as one day food x is good, and the next day food x isn't as good, but you never know why and most folks don't have the background to know if some of the studies reported are faulty or have bad methodology. I really got a kick out of the "sexy abs" chapter as it was funny, but it also shows how much we strive to achive something that is impossible. And I did have several moments where I thought "Oh wow! That's crazy/amazing/I didn't know that".


When you get right down to it, good living requires you to get off the couch, eat everything in moderation (not too much), and be sceptical of all the claims you see in the media as you never know who is selling you what. There's no easy secrets to living well, but you can make small changes to be healthier.