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Dark Company by Natale Ghent + Teen Author Fest


Don’t let the complicated description of this book deter you, Dark Company by Natale Ghent is really just the story of two girls who discover there’s quite a bit more to their world than they ever imagined.

First, there is Caddy, a seventeen year old girl who lives with her father in a futuristic world that is run mostly by The Company. Sure, her world is dark and might be on the verge of war, but that’s not so different from settings we’re used to. Caddy has had visions for most of her life which depict global destruction, and while she tries to hide this from those around her, sometimes it’s difficult. But, when her father goes missing, she’ll have to stop hiding as her search leads her to a group of people who open her eyes to her father’s past, The Company, her visions, and the darkness that threatens to destroy the world.

Secondly, there is Meg and she’s dead. You might think that dying at the beginning of a book would make it hard for Meg to be a main character, but dying is exactly how we enter the fantasy world of Ghent’s book. When Meg dies, she’s collected and taken to a different reality – one that seems to be beyond the constraints of time. She goes through a transformation that is meant to make her over and find her true calling. But when her transformation doesn’t go quite right and she retains some of her human qualities and emotions, she soon discovers that there is a group of “people” in this reality who are fighting the same right against the darkness as Caddy is back on Earth.

It takes a long time for Caddy and Meg’s paths to collide again in their fight against the world’s destruction, but when they do, all of the evil, dark forces in this book are up against some tough ladies.

Even though Dark Company is a fantasy novel, I felt like it read a lot like science fiction. Being a big fantasy reader and not so much a science fiction reader, the writing and tone that reminded me of science fiction threw me off at first. As I continued reading, I discovered some really wonderful passages that I liked so much that I snapped a picture of them with my phone. Here’s one that explains how Caddy’s new group of friends is trying to fight the forces of Darkness:


     ‘It’s the energy we’re trying to change. The murders, the intimidation, they
     shift the energy on the planet toward negativity, toward the Dark. It fills the
     world with fear and despair. It allows the Dark to take over and control our 
     thoughts. If they control our thoughts, they control everything. We can counter
     that by dreaming the Light together, by pushing against the Dark as a unified 
     force with our visions of hope for the future, like a million candles lighting the 
     way. Our dreams have power, Cadence, but only when the many dream as one’
                                                                                                                                            (Ghent, 105). 

Join Natale Ghent for this year's Teen Author Fest on Monday, November 16th at 7:00 pm in the Chambers at the Nepean Centrepointe Branch along with Megan Crewe and Morgan Rhodes as they discuss their latest books and insights in writing. 

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Image: Dark Company

Dark Company

By Ghent, Natale