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Dear Diary

Apr 09, 2020

The good thing about keeping a journal is there is no ‘wrong’ way.  It can be messy or neat, long or short.  Journaling can take many forms from writing paragraphs in a new leather bound notebook, drawing or painting pictures on plain paper, recording your own voice or typing up a storm on your phone.  

It has been shown that journaling can improve your emotional and physical health and reduce your stress and anxiety levels.  Young or old, we can all benefit from making sense our thoughts and feelings by expressing them - Gratitude, sadness, happy thoughts, worries, memories, inspirations, disappointments.

A few minutes at night or half an hour in the morning, take the time to record your inner thoughts and your health will thank you. 

Remember, a song (or poem) are thoughts and emotions written down – you may perhaps write the next big hit.

Have serious ambitions with your writing?  The Writer, a magazine available through RB Digital, may be useful to you.

Other helpful eBooks in our collection include Creative Journal: The Art of Finding Yourself and The Genius Life: Heal your Mind, Strengthen your Body, and Become Extraordinary.

Blog post contributed by Nicole from Cumberland.